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Liquid Facelift or Facelift Surgery?

Which is the best facelift on the market right now, the surgical or non surgical facelift?

Theres an increasing desire to preserve a youthful appearance. As a result, most of us tend to experiment with different methods to improve skin quality, volume and condition. Within this article, Dr Afzal alongside Ocean Aesthetics explore two cosmetic procedures, surgical (rhytidectomy) and non-surgical facelifts.

“Dermal fillers are reversible and with a fear of surgery, it was reassuring to know if I didnt like an area of filler we could reverse or ammend it. I had more trust in both the safety and process than surgery - that couldnt be corrected if I didnt like my new look. ”

The liquid facelift gets a 100% “Worth It” rating on!

Before any procedure takes place, Ocean Aesthetics will complete individual (per-client) consultations to understand what the client seeks to achieve. The practitioners will assess the suitability, risks and benefits with a personal treatment plan should the client qualify for the procedure.

What is a liquid facelift (Non- Surgical facelift)?

The liquid facelift is a form of non-surgical facelift, the process involves multiple injections of dermal fillers to restore facial fullness. Dermal fillers work by reducing the signs of ageing without any invasive surgical procedures.

These typically involve:

  • Topical numbing cream, Micro-canula and short needles injections to the face

  • Gradual process over a series of sessions based on level of facelift required

  • Mild swelling for up to 2 weeks post treatment

  • Treatment time 30 minutes - 2 hour sessions

What is a Surgical facelift?

A surgical face lift is a procedure which is carried out by a Plastic Surgeon, under local anaesthetics, sedatives or general anaesthetics. There are different types of facelift and these typically involve:

  • Incisions (cuts) above the hairline and towards the temple which extend in front, below and behind the ear.

  • Incisions under the chin (Jawline)

  • ‘Tightening’ which involves pulling the skin into its new position

  • Facial fat and tissue repurposing

Advantages of liquid facelift over surgical facelift

Whilst not discrediting traditional surgical methods and there benefits, Ocean Aesthetics and Dr Afzal would like to highlight the following rationale to why they would recommend a non-surgical liquid facelift over the traditional surgical facelift procedure.

  • No requirement for anaesthesia

  • Limited treatmemt areas (Lower Face) - Surgical facelifts can only treat the lower face

  • Risks and complications

  • Recovery time

  • A more ‘natural look’

  • Flexibility to change

  • Gradual, consultative approach

The key difference of the liquid facelift is that there is no requirement for anaesthesia, which significanlty reduces risks that can be associated with the surgical facelift.

The surgical facelift only deals with the lower face requiring a person to choose separate procedures when it comes to forehead and eyes. Liquid facelifts can treat all areas of the face and the procedure needs minimal recovery time.

The liquid facelift gets a 100% “Worth It” rating on!

The liquid facelift produces no scars which contributes to the desired "natural look" - the result is never a “pulled tight” or “windswept” look, as can occur with a traditional surgical face-lift. This method is much more akin to how nature makes us look young because it deals with plumping or filling the skin instead of pulling it tight.

When researching feedback on the different treatments, the liquid facelift has an impressive 100% “Worth it” rating on

On summarising this article, the truth is that as individuals we change our appearance and desires to how we want our face to look, which is highly influenced by celebrities, fashion trends which are ever changing (look at how the shape of their eyebrows have changed over the years, how largers lips were most demanded now post COVID-19 lockdown the 'natural' lip is back).

The liquid facelift provides you that flexibility to change, ammend or reverse this over the years or even immediately if you change your mind. The proceudre has its own safety net whilst also having the ability to treat all areas of the face.

Ocean Aesthetics highly recommend a consultative approach which enables you to build a relationship with your practitioner over a period of time to create well settled results instead of going for “the kill” in one sitting. Best results are achieved over several sessions for comfort, safety and the best results.

Finally, but not the most important (cost shouldn't always be a deciding factor) when considering which to opt for, liquid facelifts tend to be cheaper than the surgical facelift.


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