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Ever wanted to know what happens during the Lip Filler process?

Have you been thinking of under going the famous lip filler treatments? wanting to know what happens 1 year post treatment?

Check out two videos below; first ever lip experience and the top up down the line.

London Blogger Jay Gray has recorded her lip filler journey, from the initial first treatment to her top up further down the line.

“I've always been curious about the process of getting lip fillers, I wanted to see not just the first treatment but also how they change when they are due the top up.”

Jay had a reaction during her first visit which was monitored by our team of Aesthetic Practitioners. The following year she was due her Top up and had a smoother treatment experience.

Everything has a risk, aftercare is essential for all treatments

At Ocean Aesthetics we have highly trained Aesthetic Practitioners who are there to guide you through the process from the start to finish. With 24 hour aftercare lines available 7 days a week, we can ensure your safety. With Dermal fillers becoming increaingly popular like the "lunchtime appointment" it is important to ensure your treatment provider has aftercare plans in place for any reactions.

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